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Give your valued employees a broad array of choices for care when you make an investment in group health insurance in Orlando, FL. Alliance & Associates is ready to provide your human resources team with a quote from many of the leading insurance carriers in the industry. We work specifically for organizations with five or more employees, and we offer policy solutions that are tailored to fit the unique needs of each company.

Reduce your costs and distribute the level of insurance risk evenly among your employees. Employer-based health insurance plans are the foundation of the American system. In order to attract and retain the types of employees you need to grow your business, you must incorporate a flexible and affordable health insurance policy into your benefits package. Employees that are forced to purchase individual policies on an exchange may end up paying more of their own money to cover their families.

A healthy employee is sure to be far more productive than one who is struggling to get by with a nagging illness. When you make an investment in a group policy for your small business, your employees can focus on making your organization an industry leader. With a healthy compensation plan and a broad array of options for care, you give the people that work for you a reason to succeed.

Group of Employees in Orlando, FL

Creative Group Health Plans

A small business often begins with just one employee who is looking to make an impact in an international city. As you succeed and grow your workforce beyond just five employees, your responsibilities broaden. Since 1991, our firm has been working to secure group healthcare plans for growing businesses in a state filled with opportunities. Whether you employee teams of landscapers or a room full of investment bankers, a group health plan should be an integral part of your compensation package.

A smart business owner considers every option available, and our agents are ready to identify a group plan that fits the unique needs of your organization. The Central Florida economy is a rich tapestry of manufacturers, mobile car detailers, and medical providers, and each can benefit from a solid and secure health insurance policy.

Featured Healthcare Plans for Small Businesses

Streamline the process of securing the right group plan for your business by establishing a partnership with our agency. Instead of worrying about the health and well-being of your employees, add a group policy that provides you with peace of mind. Maintain your focus on the central goals of your business, and give your workforce a flexible array of options for care. A customized employer-sponsored health insurance policy is a great way to reduce costs and improve productivity at your business.

Contact us today to identify a group health insurance plan that works best for your small business. We proudly serve clients in Orlando, Florida.